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Органы государственной власти Башкортостана

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Christians will get wonderful cathedral

22 January 2008 year  //Traditions

Bulat Ulbarisov — JSC IA "Bashinform"

Reconstruction of the Godmother Christmas church is nearly over 15years after its beginning and in accordance with the decision of Archbishop of Ufa and Sterlitamac Reverend Nikon Saturday, Sunday and all festive services can be already held in the Cathedral.

18 January 2008 year  | Jubilee features

Executive committee of World Bashkir Congress (Kurultay) summoned the results of its activity in 2007 and approved the plan of actions in 2008

18 December 2007 year  | Quotations

How one has to activate work with Bashkir population, living in other Russian regions? What methods should be used for that? What aspects of this work are still left without attention? Deputy Chairman of World Bashkir Kurultay Executive committee Kadim Aralbaev is answering these questions

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